We are a major partner for a series of projects in many areas, for all regions in which we operate. We focus on those activities that improve the quality of life in tow, city or region. Applications for support may be filed by public interest groups, towns, cities, civic associations, i.e. legal entities whose activity focuses on health, children and adolescents, social area, science and education, protection of human health and human rights, culture, environment, development of infrastructure, etc.

Major projects that we support, include for example:

  • Culture - Žižkovské divadlo Járy Cimrmana (theatre)
  • Science - Výzkumný ústav živočišné výroby (Livestock production research institute)
  • Support to those in need - škola SPMP Modrý klíč (SPMP Blue Key school)
  • Regional support - town Lázně Kynžvart (spa town Kynžvart)

IHC Písek

The common goal of our company and IHC KOMTERM Písek Hockey Club is to support even the highest ambitions of young athletes, to create a quality team and the best environment for the club fans.

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CykloPro HobbyTeam

A civic association consisting of our employees and fans, representing KOMTERM at selected cycling events in the Czech Republic.

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