KOMTERM Čechy, s.r.o.

Founded in 2005 with operations throughout the territory of the Czech Republic, ensuring comprehensive energy services including the supply of heating energy to a wide range of clients.

  • Objectives are the same for all divisions within KOMTERM group, including especially:

    • Reduction of fixed costs associated with generation of heat and electricity
      The key parameter is the price of heat, quality and reliability of supply to the end user. In order to increase the safety of the supply and to ensure price stability, we decided to combine three fuels - natural gas, black coal and biomass. The prices of primary energy resources are out of our control, but we can control the "non-fuel", i.e. fixed costs - and in this we are successful in spite of growing amortization due to large scale investments, payroll costs and other cost items.
    • Increasing the reliability and safety of supplies
      In the field of heat supply we are performing a whole range of preventive measures in the area of maintenance and so over the recent years we have not seen any malfunctions that would be felt by our clients. However, we don't supply only heat, but also electricity. In order o increase the reliability of electric power supplies, we are performing very costly reconstructions of substations.
  • Contact persons

      Position Phone GSM E-mail
    Jiří Uher Manager of the Bohemia division +420 234 133 300 +420 724 300 381  jiri.uher@komterm.cz
    Miroslav Koudela Business Manager +420 234 133 314 +420 602 650 999 miroslav.koudela@komterm.cz
    Roman Mikšík Business Manager +420 234 133 315 +420 724 614 589 roman.miksik@komterm.cz

    Additional important contacts can be found in the Contact section