During 2012, the company KOMTERM, a.s. prepared itself for a change in the management of the organisational units of the KOMTERM group, which came into effect as of January 1, 2013. The implemented changes have two fundamental targets. The first of these is the distribution of risk in the case of fatal failure of a certain key company project. The second is a significant increase of the responsibility and authorities of the individual companies of the KOMTERM group for their business results. More information is available in the press release.

  • Targets

    The fundamental target of the parent company is to ensure the maximum possible appreciation of the company assets and to ensure a stable profit of the group within the usual extent in the corresponding field of business.

    KOMTERM, a.s.

    performs the following activities for the group:

    • Strategic planning
    • Technical support
    • Technical-economic valuation of investments
    • Engineering activity
    • Legal services
    • Personnel and wages services
    • Administration of information systems
    • Creation of commercial products
    • Marketing and administration of graphic manual
    • Accountancy and financial services
  • Contact persons

      Position Telephone E-mail
    Ing. Jaroslav Kulhánek Managing Director +420 234 133 102 jaroslav.kulhanek@komterm.cz
    Ing. Zdeněk Sojka Financial Director +420 234 133 103 zdenek.sojka@komterm.cz
    Ing. Vlastislav Vítů Commercial Director +420 234 133 104  vlastislav.vitu@komterm.cz

    Further important contacts are provided in the Contacts section