KOMTERM Morava, s.r.o.

Founded in 2008, when Energetika TATRA, a.s. was acquired by KOMTERM group. Operating within Moravia, supplying energy especially to Kopřivnice group.

  • Objectives are the same for all divisions within KOMTERM group, including especially:

    • Reduction of internal energy consumption
      Internal energy consumption is defined as the consumption of energy for the purposes of production as well as distribution. This category includes for example repair of hot water pipelines. Very important is the installation of heat consumption meters, in order to clearly identify losses in distribution lines. We maintain the hot water distribution lines in perfect conditions, the actual losses are less than 9%, which is much below average.
    • Improve the proportion of the co-generation cycles (combined generation of heat and power)
      This is also known as co-generation production  - the most efficient of the energy generation methods.  For this purpose we implement measures aimed at the increase of generation by counter-pressure turbine, we invest into new condensation turbines with off take, to ensure generation of electric power in the summer months.
  • Contact persons

      Position Phone GSM E-mail
    Vladislav Tesař Manager of the Moravia division +420 547 212 015 +420 606 650 938 vladislav.tesar@komterm.cz
    Jaromír Klement Manager of the Kopřivnice plant +420 597 075 515 +420 734 691 930 jaromir.klement@komterm.cz
    Petr Zábrša Business Manager +420 597 075 505 +420 724 300 361 petr.zabrsa@komterm.cz

    Additional important contacts can be found in the Contact section