In the field of energy utilities, KOMTERM offers a comprehensive range of mutually interlinked services, ensuring a comprehensive supply not only of heating energy  to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Our range of offered services is based on our experience, concentrated in the corporate know-how. Our primary emphasis is laid on the field of energy management. This issue is becoming the focus of interest of many companies - due to the rapid increase of costs on primary energies. Simple and apparent cost-saving measures have already been implemented in most cases. Therefore the only and inevitable path to achieiving effective savings remains in the systemic approach based on thorough energy management, supported by the conceptual monitoring of energy flows.

This was the drive to focus on the development and utilization of a robust software tool for energy management, accepting all requirements arising from different production processes and needs of our customers - while fully complying with their expectations.

Our objective is to become number one on the market

It is impossible to fulfil such an ambitious objective without qualified specialists. This is why we especially resort to our own employees, who are interested in self-development and are capable of managing the increasing difficulty levels. We try providing them with sufficient support - in the area of education accessibility, as well as in the areas of motivation and career planning. However, under the circumstances of such rapid expansion, no single company can make it solely with their existing employees. This is why we continue seeking experienced professionals interested in applying their independence, creativity and good work ethics.  These professionals, from various areas of the energy industry, arriving at our company is a sign that we are becoming an attractive employer in the competition of energy companies.

A very turbulent development in the power industry can be expected in the near future. This development will be marked by the increasing global demand for primary energy resources, by the need to restore power generating capacity in Europe, and by an effort to reduce energy dependency on unstable suppliers and by massive support for renewable resources. We are clearly facing a very demanding but exciting era, which will bring many opportunities and challenges to those who are prepared. At KOMTERM, we are ready and our goal is becoming one of the major players in this development.