Sale of energy

With respect to the turnover, absolutely dominant is the sale of energy. This activity concentrates on operations related to the purchase, production, distribution and sale of energy to final customers.

  • Energy sales are defined as the supply of energy from own or leased production (distribution) facility to a client.


    • Thermal energy
    • Electric power
    • Cooling
    • Compressed air

    Sale of energy includes

    • Operation of the related technological equipment
    • Regular service inspections
    • Regular revisions and legally required equipment checks
    • Regular reading of energy consumption meters
    • Purchase and sale of energies
    • Maintenance and repairs of technology, including material
    • Administrative agenda

    Advantages of the service "Sale of Energy"

    • A significant cost reduction on the supplied heat can be achieved with large volumes of purchased energy and long-term contracts of KOMTERM groups with their suppliers 
    • Transfer of the responsibility for fulfilment of all obligations to suppliers of energy to the group KOMTERM
    • Dealing with customers through KOMTERM customer department
    • A transparent heat costing and pricing  system
    • Personal approach, energy consulting and power engineer function  for each source of heat 

    Features of the service "Sale of Energy"

    • Energy controlling - information on the operation of the equipment and energy consumption through regular reports
    • Energy consulting - analysis of the energy consumption at the source and submission of proposals to increase the energy efficiency of the source
    • Customer portal - receipt and processing of customer requests, concentration of information on operating conditions, energy consumption and related costs


    A two-component pricing model is used to calculate the overall price of the heating energy - in accordance with the ERÚ conditions:

    • Flexible component (CZK/GJ) - input energy costs
    • Fixed component (CZK/GJ) - operating costs, lease

    The customer is guaranteed the price of the heating energy throughout the duration of the contract.

  • How will the supply of heat be supplied and what  are the contractual guarantees of heat prices?

    The price of heat will be charged in two-component format (the supplier has no incentive to supply as much heat as possible to achieve maximum profit). The price of heat will be changed only if the input prices  and production costs change - the price can be increased by inflation coefficient.

    What types of heat sources are suitable for the proposed service "SALE OF HEAT"?

    Any gas heating plants and central heating sources starting from output level of 50 kW, especially sources of heat or heating plants of production plants, hospitals, schools, residential cooperative groups, associations of the apartment owners, buildings managed by towns and municipalities or buildings owned by private owners.

    What kind of documentation do we need in order to obtain the price calculation for "SALE OF HEAT"?

    • Documentation required to prepare the gas price calculation (flexible component of the heat price).
    • Data on gas consumption for the previous year and data on daily reserved gas capacity.
    • Documentation required to develop calculation of the heat source operating costs (fixed component of the heat price).
    • Brief survey of the heating source technology or associated technological equipment. The calculation can be submitted also on the basis of the provided technical report or technical documentation.

    What are the pre-requisites of "SALE OF HEAT" service?

    • Assignment of energy purchasing (natural gas) to KOMTERM, a.s.
    • KOMTERM will arrange all matters related to the assignment of the natural gas supply, or even electric power, based on full power of attorney.
    • Contract on lease of non-residential space and technological equipment of the source.
    • Pursuant to the Energy Act, heating energy can be sold only from owned or leased technology.
    • Contract for sale of heat - the subject matter of the contract is the supplier´s obligation to supply heat to the client at the specified parameters and in compliance with the provisions of the Energy Act and the client´s obligation to pay the agreed price for the supplied heat.