Project for restructuring of companies within the KOMTERM group


Dear business partners,

As of 1 January 2013 the long-prepared change to the organisational units of the KOMTERM group finally came into effect. In recent years the energy industry has been undergoing dramatic changes which have frequently been difficult to foresee. The most fundamental of these have been the liberalisation of trade on the energy market and massive support for renewable energy sources. These changes have also been accompanied by an overwhelming quantity of new legislation with the result that close specialisation is becoming essential for successful operation on this market. At the same time, requirements are increasing for independence in the everyday decision-making of individuals, with serious impacts on the economic management of the entire company. As a result, the company management has decided to embark upon a programme of restructuring the KOMTERM group.

The effected changes have two fundamental targets. The first of these is the distribution of risk in the case of fatal failure of a certain key company project. The second is a significant increase of the responsibility and authorities of the individual companies of the KOMTERM group for their business results.

During 2012 certain assets were appropriated by the parent company. At the same time, former branch plants were transferred to two independent subsidiary companies: KOMTERM Čechy, s.r.o.[Ltd.] and KOMTERM Morava, s.r.o., which shall manage the assets of the parent company similarly as was previously the case of KOMTERM Slovensko, a.s.[joint-stock company] and partially in the company SUBLIMA Březnice.

The KOMTERM energy companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia shall specialise more thoroughly in their fields in the acquisition and trade of energy and in the purchase and sale of fossil fuels for energy purposes.

The parent company KOMTERM, a.s. shall in particular perform a strategic, co-ordinating and consolidating role for the entire group. It shall continue to perform supporting activities in the fields of management of manufacturing assets, accountancy, finances and controlling, IT and IS, legal services, personnel and wages, as well as technical and commercial support for the entire group.

An entirely specific position within the group is held by the company NC Real, which was established for the purpose of real estate management and enterprise on the real estate market.

We are convinced that the implemented changes shall contribute not only towards the fulfilment of the aforementioned targets, but shall also lead to a considerable improvement in the services we provide to our customers and to the further development of the KOMTERM group.


Jaroslav Kulhánek
Managing Director