KOMTERM group has been offering wide and stable job positions to various professions throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Employee care

We are aware that our employees are efficient individuals, they are the main driving force of our success, therefore we care for and support their development as much as possible.
Any new employee is trained in professional and methodical aspects and is also offered the help and support that he/she needs for additional personal and professional growth.

Paid leave

We understand that only rested and satisfied employees perform at their maximum, therefore our employees receive 5 weeks of paid leave as a standard.


Each of our employees is entitled to a benefit package in the Cafeteria system. It is up to the employees to choose which benefits they will use (supplementary pension insurance, life insurance, meal tickets, education, health services, rehabilitation, recreation, etc.),


We also care for our employees through a well developed system of corporate education, we want them to grow within their respective domains and build expert skills and we want them to develop their professional career as well as to ascend the position ladder within the company structure.

Work environment

We continuously invest in the work environment making our employees feel as good as possible.